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Defense of Tundra

THE NACHOS ARE INVADING TUNDRA!!!!! We MUST GET THEM Today: Operation: Wasteland Defense Times: 3:30pm EST 2:30pm CST 1:30pm MST 12:30pm PST 8:30pm GMT Advertisements

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Our First Win was at Klondike,not Blizzard WHY DO THEY USUALLY FIGHT AT KLONDIKE we ran into the Purple Republic(sorry Purple defenders) which spread across the island, mostly at the Cove. Destruction of the Purple republic is NECESSARY!!!!!!

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Invasion of Blizzard

The RPF will be invading Blizzard, the Nacho Army’s birth server(thus most valuable ) All troops must report to the chat once it is operational. Hopefully it will be open by the time. ON NOW: Operation: Nacho Nursery times: 3:30pm

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Secret Agency

since no one will be join our army, we’re making this a secret agency, like the EPF. We will come to RPF and ACP battles and combat the evil Nacho Army. We still expect to gain new members. Until then,

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Uniforms and Colors

Our uniforms are based on rank, but we won’t post the high ranks just yet so the lower ranks don’t feel bad. Our trooper uniforms are based on fighting style.If you fight with words and emotes(the normal way Club Penguin

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Join The Galactic Penguin Force

Today,I Dr Volk, will be making a Club Penguin Army. Originally thought to be The Galactic Army of Club Penguin, my brother,Leonardo4869,helped me change the name to Galactic Penguin Force.Very original actually. Don’t worry, this site will look MUCH BETTER

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