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Battle WON

Hello agents. Guys, the AR never showed up, because they think we lost. LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE GONNA INVADE THEIR LAST BATTLE AND MAKE THE OTHER TEAM WIN Operation: Final AR Tipper Battle times: 1 PM PST 2 PM MST 3

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Marines VS Navy VS Air Force

the RPF are doing a practice session lets check it out Army 3 way battle: server Tuxedo Town Times: 7pm EST 6pm CST 5pm MST 4pm PST 12am UK/GMT well be practicing for Saturday’s and Sunday’s battles Until then, CIAO

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Invasion of Toboggan

The RPF are launching an invasion of the AR capital Toboggan. We must help the RPF win……if we can. Operation Ski Hill Sled: times:9pm, EST 8pm CST 7pm MST 6pm PST 3am UK/GMT Report to the iceberg it will be

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Invasion of Berg, Sleet & Snow Bank

The RPF are launching an attack Berg, Sleet and Snow Bank later on today. BATTLE STATIONS!!!!!!!! Operation Berg Drill,Thin Snow, and Snowy River. Times: 4 PM PST 5 PM MST 6 PM CST 7 PM EST 12AM GMT/UK We Fight

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The TEEN BEACH MOVIE PARTY STARTED YESTERDAY! Not only will Mack and Brady be there, but CADENCE is also there. This party WILL BE EPIC!!

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Teen Beach Movie party begins Tomorrow

ATTENTION ALL AGENTS: Prepare for the Teen Beach Movie party tomorrow.Things Will be EPIC Members may also have a chance to meet Mackenzie and Brady at the TMB party

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Star Wars Party now OVER :(

With the Star Wars Takeover over, if you don’t have the regulated uniform, either wear the TIE Fighter costume, or something galactic.

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A New War Begins

The Nacho war is already over (like two months ago) but the Ghosts of CP (Army Republic) have declared war on the RPF for NO REASON. our battle times are shown below: Operation:First Battle server: Tundra times: 4:PM PST 5:PM

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No Update

Im sorry we didn’t have any updates in a while, i’m a little busy though.Remember i cannot post anything Monday-Friday because i’m im Middle School (BARF) ill update in a couple of minutes.

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Sure Win

The Nachos have announced that they will only come to one battle cause they are not wasting their Friday on that.the RPF are still gonna invade.THAT MEANS WE”RE SURE TO WIN. SUCKAS!

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