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Power Of Fleet

The potion of Fleet is now available One more potion till thew ULTIMATE WIZARDLY PRIZE!!!! Until Then, CIAO FOR NOW Dr Volk- GPF Leader Advertisements

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The Potion of Hovering is now available: Float in the kingdom and begin an enchanted adventurte: Until Then, CIAO FOR NOW!! Dr Volk- GPF Leader

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The Potion of the blue puffle dragon is now available in the potion book stay tuned for the next potion………..see for yourself in the potion book Until Then, CIAO FOR NOW!!!!!!!! Dr Volk-GPF Leader

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The newest potion currently is the Potion of Fairy   Ciao for Now!!!!!

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A NEW POTION IS AVAILABLE: it is…………………… The Potion of the Black Puffle Unicorn   Ciao for Now!!!  

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I just learned the RPF had made the 1st rank in the Top Ten armies of CP. They are tied with the Nachos (grrrrrrrrrr) but RPF will win in the end, I’m sure. ill post you if any new battles

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the potions that are available are the following: Potion of the white puffle unicorn Potion of Ogre Size Potion of Green Dragon Puffle Potion Potion of the Vanishing I will update you on more potions later on, until then, Ciao

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Medieval Party Starts NOW

Currently, CP is updating behind the scenes so the Medieval Party starts in a few minutes, i will post you on my outfit, For locations of Gary before 4:30, plz go to the link for the BEST TRACKER in the

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Captain Rockhopper is FINALLY HERE! I will update you on the outfit ill be wearing for the party  

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Rockhopper Coming!

Rockhopper is coming on September 12, according to todays news, I believe Gary is coming to the Medieval Party, but only time will tell………..

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