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New Years Day – WAR – RPF vs Nachos – Invasion of Blizzard

The Nachos again?? They are desparate to beat us, aren’t they? Advertisements

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Here are the remaining projects we unlocked: Once you get your new igloo, the red swirl igloo, here is what it’ll look like: Dr Volk igloo December 2013 (after Christmas): Thats just how I made it. You however can make

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New Messages

Ok, here are 2 messages I’ve missed: Ciao For Now,

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Sorry I have been gone so long i’ve just been doing some other things. Ok maybe not that long but still. Anyways I am going to review the not so new news in a moment.

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3 Twits

First, PF, then SH, then M. Wooow! where I am, this is a dream? Heeeelp! [@polofield] — Surprised Polo (@PSurprised) December 25, 2013 New idea – Operation: Christmas — Spike Hike (@SpikeHikeCP) December 25, 2013   Merry Christmas from

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Month In Review – December 2013

Look What i found on the CP blog: Hello Penguins! In our last Reviewed by You post, we asked, “what is your all-time favorite food?” I really liked Jill56891’s answer: “My all-time favorite food is chicken. There is so many ways you can

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Friday Event [Everyone Must Attend]

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#WaddleOn pattern

I’ve just discovered something. Every Season ender is a musical. Maybe we could have CP High School Musical, or, GLEE!

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#WaddleOn: Someone Like Me To Like Me

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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! My mom’s birthday was yesterday, so thats good. ANyways, I wonder what you’ll get for Christmas. ANYWAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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