Champions of 2013 Tournament Round 1 – Victory

I Came! CP name: Dr Volk

Club Penguin: Rebel Penguin Federation

Comment if you attended for your promotion

Hellooo RPF!

Today was the Champions of 2013 Tournament Battle against WV. It was a very close battle, and very fun too! The Water Vikings put up a good fight, but in the end we won. I’d like to congratulate WV though with their great sizes!

Anyways, onto the pictures.

Lock Outs:

This was a fantastic battle RPF! Elmikey could not make it to this battle, and many people said that that was it. We’d lose without him online. Well we proved them wrong RPF! Here’s a few stats from the battle:

Max Chat Size – 77      Average Chat Size – 72

Max CP Size – 65-70*      Average CP Size – 60-65*

*This includes lock-outs.

Sɪя Pᴊ

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Greetings! I am a fan of retro shows like Gilligan's Island, the Golden Girls, Frasier, and Transformers Generation 1. I also am currently in the process of making a webcomic called Framily Values. I am also a fan of Lucasfilm.

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