AR & Nachos are failures

IKR. I mean why do the AR show up at Nacho battles when it is a No Ally War? they are too scared to lose their server, that they have to call AR to help every time. Pathetic if you ask me

Club Penguin: Rebel Penguin Federation

AR and Nachos have both become pathetic armies. It’s a shame that you cannot actually fight us. Everyday we’re having an RPF vs Nacho battle and Nachos end up getting AR to log on into a seperate room then retreat into the room with them and they just dance together and take some pictures and claim victory. RPF wants to have CP Army Battles, it’s pathetic that these guys will just hold room capacity together so no RPF can get in and if some do they’ll say “RPF is small” take pictures and claim victory. Nachos & AR, you’re terrible. Also here’s some good news for you RPF members: I am going to change the way this army performs battle. Since 2009 CP Armies have been competing by having best tactics/formations, in my opinion it looks like a smiley-face-dance-off and that’s dumb. I want war to look like actual war…

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Greetings! I am a fan of retro shows like Gilligan's Island, the Golden Girls, Frasier, and Transformers Generation 1. I also am currently in the process of making a webcomic called Framily Values. I am also a fan of Lucasfilm.

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