AR again. When will they learn?

Club Penguin: Rebel Penguin Federation

Today we defeated the Nachos and captured Crunch, the Army Republic once again showed up to disrupt our invasion. I am negotiating with Nacho leaders and I want the best for them as well as Army Republic. RPF will not invade the Nachos on Thursday but instead respond to an AR invasion. We are invading fallen land using our Ausia force and defeating the AR & GS I am proud of RPF Ausia you are the strongest Ausia force in Armies, as well as RPF UK! Very nice, we will defend White Out from the AR since they want a fight we’ll be sure to give them a good one. Darkness Will Fall on AR, meanwhile we will focus on winning Saturday’s tournament. *salute*

Fight the good fight

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Greetings! I am a fan of retro shows like Gilligan's Island, the Golden Girls, Frasier, and Transformers Generation 1. I also am currently in the process of making a webcomic called Framily Values. I am also a fan of Lucasfilm.

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