Guys, we are now in a state of brutal war. President Elmikey of the Rebel Penguin Federation has declared Defcon 1:

Internal War: Code Red ; all out war between two “big” armies, all measures taken

Level: 6 ;  City limits blocked, roads in and out closed, state of emergency.

Level: 5 ; State of Emergency in multiple territories due to warfare


Operation (Y) is commencing

 Operation Y? Oh no, what could that mean? We will find out.
images                                                       HEX
VIC                                                                                                                            HEX
Oh no! Defcon 1 means a full on war!                                                                            LIE! CHEAT! DO WHAT YOU NEED TO
RPF! We Will Rise! Fight the Good Fight!!!

Greetings! I am a fan of retro shows like Gilligan's Island, the Golden Girls, Frasier, and Transformers Generation 1. I also am currently in the process of making a webcomic called Framily Values. I am also a fan of Lucasfilm.

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