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WARNING! Agents Only. Secret in the News… again

There is new intel about a secret in the news paper, take a look: Normal:   Roll the mouse over the logo and this is what you get:   cick it and this is what you get:   Another notice

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Results from Last frontier Defense

I could not log in to the RPF site, so I cannot reblog, so I have to copy and paste the results here, with a little edits in indigo: Today, the Rebel Penguin Federation (and Galactic Penguin Force) logged on to

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Funny Pic #19

    Link: May The Force Be With You

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New Message form the Director

The wait is over. The New EPF agency makeover has been confirmed for next week:   Hopefully I can beat Torres to the news…. Hehehehehe…..     anyways, ciao for now!  

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C0mputerguy is a cyber bully

Hey guys, Some of you know C0mputerguy. He is also Boypower But he is a Cyber Bulling. It is not Related to CP, I Know, But I am saying this. Here is a snapshot. Plus, I am 11. He is

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BREAKING: “Ambrosha” Impersonator Who Fired Freezie66 Revealed a Fake

Originally posted on CPA Central:
FROSTY, DW Nation – With a crazy change of events, DW creator, Ambrosha, states that he has been impersonated to fire Freezie66 from his DW leadership position.  Ambrosha states that Freezie66 is still a leader and legend…

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New Prizes and News Fair 2014

The New prizes are out, but first, a new newspaper:   Well Looks like there is no need for custom airplane igloos anymore because CP IS RELEASING ONE!!!!! If that is ruining cp then you are just a bunch of

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My Retirement

  As you see, I am retiring from cp armies. Most of the explanation is above, but let me explain more: 2 sides claiming to be fighting for good, but are they? I have intel that Elmikey HACKED LILSTAR’S COMPUTER!!

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March Madness Tournament vs UMA

Looks like they have a March Madness Tourney. Lets see: SATURDAY, MARCH 1ST 2014 11 AM PST   12 PM MST 1 PM CST 2 PM EST 7 PM UK  

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We are #3 again

We are number 3 again. Luckily at the time they made this post, Elm wasn’t against us: So our allies are still the top 3, but we are against DCP now. Why? Because Elm took over and he is using

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