Crunching Defeat for Nachos [Defense of Parka SUCCESS] RPF vs Nachos

Club Penguin: Rebel Penguin Federation

Today the Nacho Empire suffered a crunching defeat when they attempted to invade Parka from the USRPF. The RPF quickly logged in to fight and also reached our daily size goal [30] (Good job RPF!)… Anyway RPF landed at the Ice Berg and went into formation. The Nachos surrendered about 4 minutes before the battle was scheduled to start. RPF also retrieved a jar of salsa from a fallen Nacho. Also we did an amazing training session after we pushed all the Nachos off of the ice. Some people couldn’t believe it was actually real and thought we cheated. Well we’re real, and we don’t cheat. We’re Rebel Penguin Federation. The Best Club Penguin Army. 


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Greetings! I am a fan of retro shows like Gilligan's Island, the Golden Girls, Frasier, and Transformers Generation 1. I also am currently in the process of making a webcomic called Framily Values. I am also a fan of Lucasfilm.

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