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CPAC Pokemon?


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Operation: WIN…. SUCCESS!!!!!!!

WE DID IT! Now thanks to our Operation WIN, we have made it back to number 4! Next we should have an Operation: On The Rise! Ciao for now!

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Well Well, Its finally here! TIME FOR THE SHOW! You should have known there was a code, but it is useless now that you can get in for real now, so yeah. Well first a new message:   We already

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Pepe le New News!

Well Well, there is more than just the last muppet: Pepe in Mexico in tonight’s edition!:   Maracas, Nice. Well, looks like we have some nuevo news with our friend, señorita Dot.   And the pin is the same. The Piñata pin from

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Animal Jam

Allright guys, we are now going to meet… ANIMAL!!!! In Brazil (If you seen the Game On, you know where he is already):   Here he is!: Animal’s Drum Sticks. If you look at the prize, it is Belloq’s hat!

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Russian Science

YAY! WE ARE DOING SCIENCE FOR TODAY’S PRIZE!!!!!!!!! My fav. subject! We are meeting Bunsen and Beaker in Russia for an experimental approach:   Well, here they are: I change into my lab outfit until i find myself a partner.

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Message for major school tests soon

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Where’s Walter?

Well Well Well, We meet again for the party, yet late. So ppl might have posted this news already, but I haven’t seen ANY OF THEM, so don’t go up on me for “copyright infringement” Anyways, We are now looking

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Meeting Kermit!

Well, I met Kermit:   here is his BG:   and his Signature:   I even have a video of how I met him: TBA. CIAO FOR NOW!  

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