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Puffle Related EPF Message:


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Puffle Gala and new news!

Look the Puffle Gala is open! THEY MUST GET RID OF THE HEART:   ok, Onto The News!   Well, ciao for now!  

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Not all dogs go to Heaven, but this is Number 7!

Ok, tomorrow is the Puffle Gala, but here is the last prize straight up. Seriously, unless you like your pets eating you, don’t wear this:   Go to the Dock for a O’berry costume and a wind up┬ámouse for your

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New Site

Well, I have a new site called Squid Wars about my story on To see the new site, click the link below this message which will self destruct in 5…………4…………..3………….2………..1………. KIDDING!

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Throw your sticks, this is Number 6!

Ok, now looks like it is time for prize #6!   Ok, this you may not want to wear around cat puffles, unless you LIKE being scratched   Tree Forts for the scratching post costume, and the ball of yarn.

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Sneak Peek at the Puffle Gala!

Luckily Club Penguin wiki already released the picture for the puffle gala:   Man they have to get rid of that heart! CIAO FOR NOW!      

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Don’t Deprive, this is Number 5!

Ok, Prize number 5. One suggestion: Don’t wear this prize near dog puffles….   Go to the Cove to receive the following prizes: You get a throwing disc (fine) and a…. FIRE HYDRANT! DUN DUN DUUN!!!!! Unless you want to

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Finally, after a tough few weeks we’ve finally made it (it took us almost dying but we still made it!”   But who really cares about CPAC anymore, even though they like us again!

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Days 2, 3, and 4.

Sorry, I forgot this was like the Teen Beach Movie and Operation Puffle parties with a prize each day. so lets see here:     My current outfit:   Well thats it, CIAO FOR NOW!!!

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New Puffles, New Park! NOW!

Well Well Well, the puffle party is here and there is a new puffle park here to stay! Map:   News:   Ok, i will show pics of the places in alphabetical order if you are EPF, you have a

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