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The Future is in the Furniture!

Well, it is time for the new catalog, along with new news (again) and something BIG at the Snow Forts. My newest igloo: New News- AGAIN?! YOU MUST BE KIDDING! Looks like we will face him again in the far

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New Site

Well, I have a new site called about my things I’d like to post on with these guys: Please read my 1st post on the new site before any questions please.    

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Ok, Fantastic News for May

Well Well, my first news in a while and we are going to kick off with a new login screen promoting the Future Party: Its a lame-ish name compared to the other parties but they make up for it by

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MAYflower News

Well Well, it is finally May and happy birthday to anyone who’s birthday is today. We are kicking off with some news: This looks fine, but what about the next article? If you’ve played the CLub Penguin: Elite Penguin Force

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