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1st Videos

Hey guys! I just posted my 1st 3 videos onto Youtube! One of them, I barely avoided getting sued for, but now ads can appear on it (crap) Here are the videos!!! Advertisements

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Originally posted on Dr Volk Official:
Sorry this is kinda late but I didn’t have a computer phone or tablet with me… SCHOOL OFFICIALLY ENDED 3 HOURS AGO IN MY AREA!!! TIME TO ENJOY…. SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Final Countdown

Originally posted on Dr Volk Official:
I should’ve posted this on Monday, but eh. Its the last week of school in Richmond County(where I live)!!!!!!!! Here is the most appropriate song for this occasion!!! ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!! 😀 😀…

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Horrible News

Originally posted on Dr Volk Official:
Hey guys… I recently heard of an atrocious fact: my grandma has pneumonia My family is praying that she gets ok, but until then I won’t be doing any pictures for a while… 😥…

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Happy Birthday LGee14 2015

Originally posted on Dr Volk Official:
Hey guys. In a few moments, it will be the birthday of LGee14 (his 20th I think, idk his age), which coincidentally is 2 days after my daddy’s birthday! I have decided to make…

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