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Well Well, Its finally here! TIME FOR THE SHOW! You should have known there was a code, but it is useless now that you can get in for real now, so yeah. Well first a new message:   We already

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New #SpoilerAlert and #WaddleOn Episode coming SOON!!!!

Here is the new #SpoilerAlert that the I’m Back post got snapshots from, where it features Planes and International Themes: And I have intercepted info from the CP BLOG!!!!! A super-sized #WaddleOn episode starring the Muppets will be coming to

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Fun Event/Training RESULTS!

As you know, I cannot reblog anymore on the site, so here it is in black: Hey guys! Today, RPF’s AUSIA force logged on to have a fun event/training! We started with the training, and we had perfect tactics and

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Good Bye HSA

I have received intel from the RPF site, and due to me not able to reblog, here is what it states in red: The Rebel Penguin Federation hereby declares war on the Hot Sauce Army. The Hot Sauce Army has

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Nacho Crumb Wednesday

The Nachos Have scheduled some invasions against us (which they will lose 😆 ) but we are IGNORING THEM….until Wednesday that is… then, NACHO CRUMBS EVERYWHERE 😈  Lets see here: Operation: Nacho Crumbs: Invasion One Invasion of Blizzard Wednesday 2/5/14

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A New World War Begins

Many Major Armies are in this New War which I call CP World War VII. These are the armies: RISE OF THE NEW DAWN ALLIANCE!!!! The New Dawn Alliance was originally created to defeat the Bloodline Alliance, then it was

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Enter The Prehistoric

Greetings Agents, Today we go into the Prehistoric Party. Starting with the new message, Here are some amazing pics of the stone aged world. I’m sure that the stage shouldn’t be there due to old cp not having the stage,

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Close to Prehistoric, and some Flintstony NEWS!

Ok, we are close, yet we have more news. NEW NEWS: TOGETHER AT LAST? WHAT THE DEUCE? NEW MESSAGE FROM GARY!: Not So New Stage Play: The Penguins that Time Forgot: Now we are gonna meet the Flintstones! YAY! WHAT

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Club Penguin Pre-Prehistoric News!

Greetings Agents and citizens We have some exciting news before the Prehistoric Party. Some of these were explained in #TheSpoilerAlert but we are gonna post the news anyway. Torres probably already posted these, but this is my site, not his.

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Ice Berg Defended from the Nachos

greetings Agents. Today we logged onto Klondike because Ice berg was full to defend Ice Berg from the Not So Powerful Army, the Nachos. Their invasion was invalid, because they were so afraid, they even called AR for help! Pretty

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