Horrible News

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Hey guys… I recently heard of an atrocious fact: my grandma has pneumonia

My family is praying that she gets ok, but until then I won’t be doing any pictures for a while…

😥   😥   😥  😥   😥   😥   😥    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday LGee14 2015

Dr Volk Official

Hey guys. In a few moments, it will be the birthday of LGee14 (his 20th I think, idk his age), which coincidentally is 2 days after my daddy’s birthday!

I have decided to make him a gift, whether he sees it or not:

LGee14's Birthday Present 2015

Here, Rouge is in a detention cell aboard the Death Moon, where her archenemies Cameron the Dragon (LGee14) Sally Acorn, and Volk the Chameleon are watching her, silently gloating. Turns out, Volk had actually made a cell JUST FOR ROUGE! Their rivalry must go way back then. Yes the picture is a little crooked but you get the idea. P.S the capsule behind Rouge is her bathroom. I don’t want to see her doing her business!!

Anyways, LGee14, if you are seeing this, Happy birthday, and I wish you many more. (I am also sorry that I suck at drawing!)

Cameron the Dragon © LGee14

Sally Acorn © SEGA

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Volk as the Shredder

Dr Volk Official


Volk as Shredder

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Reblog Fail

Hey guys. I was going to reblog this post from my other site Deviant Sonic, but I forgot that I made that my new main site and accidentally reblogged it to my own site. After deleting the traces, it still says I already reblogged it, so now I cannot reblog it here, so I shall link it. Here it is.

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GA Milestones Mathematics

Dr Volk Official

Hey guys. Today I took the Math portion of that blasted GA Milestones test.. had some tough parts, but I’m pretty sure I did ok. I still hate the new test though.

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The Easter Bunny is just to take kids’ minds off the fact that we’re celebrating a day on which someone died… They’ll learn the truth eventually..

Dr Volk Official

Hey guys its Dr Volk and I would like to wish you a HAPPY EASTER!!! The Framily Values cast would like to say happy Easter too: Happy Easter 2015 If I can get a flash drive, I could make my Youtube and DA accounts TODAY!  See you around guys!

Dr Volk- Who is going to church later today.

*SIDE NOTE* I was too lazy to put Volk’s horn… lol

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Dr Volk Official

At 4:11 PM today, the students at Tutt Middle School were released from school. SPRING BREAK HAS (unofficially) BEGUN!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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Finally a new post!

Dr Volk Official

Hey guys! I’ve finally added a new post to my site Squid Wars! Check it out!


– Dr Volk

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Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Dr Volk Official

Hey guys! Yesterday was the 1st day of Spring!


That means Spring Break is coming!

It also means:




Possibly Wasps

Temperature Mood Swings

and last but not least…


which equals waking up earlier!

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I HATE SPRINGTIME!!!!

You guys have fun though.

– Dr Volk

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My Brother’s Site

Hey guys it is Dr Volk and I have to tell you about my brother’s site. Do you guys know Chicragger? If you do, he has a site called LegoLeonardo, which isn’t quite developed yet, but I am helping his site get better, so CHECK IT OUT!

Also check out my LEGO themed site Squid Wars, with stories about Squidward on his path to becoming a Jedi!

-Dr Volk (here)/ Donttouchmybricks (LEGO username)

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